I can use in future, try your best for good article generator, congrats.
Mr Cool
Quite a ways to go my friend.
It's interesting, it looks like they are using video commentary to text. or in other words close captioning....thats a pretty unique source of content. converting videos to text is a quite a unique approach..
I use spun articles for adsense approval just make sure that the articles make sense.
Looks interesting, wonder if it could be reliable in the long run...
Hi there, this is quiet nice. My first "single" keywords lead to nonsense, but the more specific the keywords are, the better is the result. Instead of "weigh loss" I used "How to lose 10kg fast" - good articles / transskripts and as to duplichecker those I checked were between 75 and 82 unique. Good work!!!
Bookmarked ... if you keep working this thing is gonna be a very very useful tool soon.
Ajeet Ghuman