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When you're starting out in  affiliate marketing or even if   you've been doing affiliate  marketing for a long time, there's one problem that we all tend to  have at some point... and that's content. So sometimes, it's hard to figure out  what kind of content you want to create   and that's where PLR comes in. In this video, I'm going to show you 11 Creative Ways to Use PLR  for Affiliate Marketing. Hey there! It's Kim Wolfe, YOUR Informing you of everything you want and  need to know about affiliate marketing. If this video helps you out, definitely give it a like, subscribe to my  channel below and comment below. If you have any questions, I'll be  more than happy to help you out. So let's first make sure you understand: What PLR is? PLR stands for... private label  rights and it's just the ability to   take content that's created by someone  else and repurpose it in various ways. You can learn more about PLR on Wikipedia,  which is where I got this quote from. So let me show you an example of  what a PLR license looks like... When you buy any type of PLR,  there will always be license terms   around it stating what you  can and cannot do with it. So in this particular case of the  example that I'm going to show you today,   this is one of the license agreements. So it tells you this for personal use  only so technically I probably shouldn't   be using it for   because technically that is a  business and not personal use. You can also see that I can edit  it and repurpose as I see fit. So some of the things that you  cannot do with this PLR is that you cannot sell the source  documents, individually or packaged, and you cannot offer private  label rights to anyone. Which means you can't resell this and say hey you can actually go  do whatever you want with it, and you could potentially resell it as well. You can't do that in this case so agreements are going to vary  per license pack that you buy so you always want to research  that ahead of time before you actually buy it to make sure that  it's going to meet your needs for   the reason you're buying it in the first place. Here is another license  agreement for a different PLR. This is content that I pay for on a monthly basis and as you can see here the  requirements are actually different. So in this case, I can offer it  as a bonus for a paid product. I can edit it, add graphics  rebrand it any way I wish. I can use it to create training videos. I can add it to paid membership sites. I can translate it to other languages... So there's a lot more on this particular  content than there is the other one. You saw down here, you'll always see the x's so: you cannot claim copyright, you can't resell this, you can't sell it as private label rights, you cannot use it to create an ebook to sell, and you cannot resell this  on JVZoo or WarriorPlus. And that's because, he sells  these checklists on there. This is another example for you to see. Always be sure to read these license agreements to make sure that you stay in the boundaries of what the content and the creator is  allowing you to do with the content. Now that you have a good  understanding of what PLR is... Let me show you 11 Creative Ways to Use PLR  for Affiliate Marketing. Way #1: Is going to be videos. So this is a recent PLR that I bought  and this is what it looks like. You can actually see there's  a bunch of different folders for a bunch of different topics, right? And this is one of the license  agreements that I just showed you. So I'm going to click inside of affiliate just because it's related to the  topic that I like to write about and as you can see here these  are all different PLR text files. So essentially, I can take every one of these and I can read through the content and I can do various things with them. And one of them would be videos. So this is actually a pretty  decent one for creating a video. And that's one way you can use PLR is to give you ideas on what to write about. And what to make content about. And so in this particular case you could  actually make a video with this content. You definitely want to read through it, make sure it's accurate, up  to date, make it your own. You can definitely shorten it if you think this is too long but you can see in this particular document the topic is "3 Things that All Affiliate  Marketers Need to Survive Online". Who wouldn't want to watch a video on that if they're interested in learning how  to succeed with affiliate marketing? And so you can see here what is the three tactics. And you have tactic one,  tactic two and tactic three. So you could literally take  this and turn it into a video. Now once again, make sure you read the license agreement because you saw that in the first license agreement, using this for a business, in this particular case for this PLR is actually not allowed  with the agreement that I bought. But you can use this as an idea so I could still use this for I would just come through here and use  this as a baseline, as a framework. I can make it my own and  then turn it into a video. So to show you what this looks like, this is my channel on YouTube,  Affiliate Marketing Informant. I have different playlists of content  that I have set up on my home page. And you can see this is a playlist for  affiliate marketing tips and tricks. So that particular article that we just read, turning that into a video would fit very  nicely into this particular playlist. It would add value to you. It would help you out and probably  get some views along the way. Way #2: Blog Posts So here's an example of what I mean. This particular private label content "How to Best Select an Affiliate Program". I'm going to click on that and  you're going to see the title here. And this gives you information  here and you can read it. I actually created some  content around the same topic and I could have used that original content to help me create this post. In this particular case, I changed it to "9 Questions To Answer Before  You Choose An Affiliate Program". It has a checklist with it and the idea is just to answer people's  questions around affiliate programs. And what they need to look  out for before they join, so they don't get their account shut down and they're just prepared  to go through the process. So that article you just saw, you  could easily take that content, change it, add to it, make  it a really good blog post and post it on your website like this. And the cool thing is that... you can actually take the content in a blog post and you can turn it into a video. That's what I've done in this case here. So there is a blog post there's also a video and I've got them linked together. Way #3: Lead Magnets So in this case, a fellow good marketer that I know actually uses PLR and gives it away as a lead magnet. So you can actually put in  your name and email here and click to get free PLR. He just purchased the PLR, he checked to make sure he had the rights for it and then when I sign up with my email, I will actually get an email with PLR in it. So that's another way to  actually repurpose PLR content and in this case you actually build an email list, which is good for you so you can build your own community and communicate with these people over time. So here's a little tip for you, if you are in the make money online niche or the digital marketing age or online marketing niche, anything to do with online marketing, you can actually use this  particular source for PLR. These are checklists that you can use for yourself to teach you how to do certain tasks, but you can also repurpose them. If you want to know more, definitely check out the link on your screen, watch the video and I'll show you where  you can get this checklist. Way #4: Bonuses So here's an example of what I mean. This is a product for sale and at the very bottom of the very long sales page, there are these additional bonuses. Now these, once again, can be PLR content so you can use the PLR content. Make sure it's good quality and actually add that to bonuses to encourage people to buy your offer. And this is especially good when  you're doing affiliate marketing because it makes your affiliate offer different than every other affiliate marketer out there that may be promoting the same thing. So it's a way to encourage people to buy from your affiliate link  opposed to everyone else's. Way #5: Emails So going back to this article  that we looked at earlier, "The Three Things All Affiliate Marketers  Need to Know to Survive Online". This would actually make a really good email. Once you start building up your email list, you want to continually send  them good helpful content. And so PLR content is another way to help stimulate ideas for you so that you know what to send them. This would actually make a great email because: it's helpful, it's  insightful and it's informative. I can actually take this, put in the email and send  it out to my subscribers. So these are examples of emails that I've recently sent my subscribers and as you can see here, "Knowing How to Survive Online  as an Affiliate Marketer" would make a great topic in this email. You just click on it. You've got the content as you can see here. So take that PLR content, build it in the email, repurpose it, reformat it, make it look good, and send it out to your email subscribers. Way #6: Checklists Right, I've created a series of checklists and these would actually be great for PLR because they would give me the ideas to help me figure out what content to make. So in this case you can see "How to Sell Affiliate Products  on Your Site Checklist". This is actually a checklist. It's a blog post in some cases. It's a video and it's an actual checklist. You can see here, it's just repurposed  and reformatted into a document. This can be easily created in Word doc. This could be created in Microsoft PowerPoint. This could even be created in  Google Docs or Google Slides. Make it pretty with the font,  like this, turn it into a pdf. Use it as the lead magnet to get people to opt into your email address. So many different uses. And all this content can actually come from PLR. Here's an example of PLR content about "So Many Affiliate Programs  and Which One Do I Choose?" Take tidbits from this and create a checklist. What beginning affiliate marketer doesn't want to know how to  choose affiliate programs? And you're starting to see the trend here that all of these different ways  can actually be used together, so the checklist can be used in the email, it can be used as a bonus, it can be used as a lead magnet, it can be used as a blog post, and it can even be turned into a video. Way #7: Newsletter So PLR content is great for newsletters. So you can see this is an example of a newsletter  that actually charges $29.99 a month to get to the monthly service and there's a bunch of different articles in it. PLR can help you come up with ideas of what to write in each article obviously, once again, you  want to try to repurpose it. Make it your own. Make sure it's current up to date. But if you're thinking and struggling with coming up with ideas to  fill up a whole newsletter, PLR is great for that. Way #8: Membership Site Here's an example of a membership  site called Simple Traffic Solutions. As you can see here, it is literally just a WordPress website turned into a membership training platform. This is the home page as you can see here. Click on the pdfs and you're going to actually get, like, worksheets, Simple Traffic ebooks, mind maps. These worksheets look like to be PLR just repurposed. Once again, there are tons of different PLR checklists that you could buy that actually would be great as this. So you can build a membership site, use PLR to put content on it and charge people a one-time fee, or even a monthly fee if you update the content over a period of time every month. Way #9: Resell a PLR Pack So assuming that you have  the right to resell the PLR, you can actually take individual PLR content, bundle it together in a package, and resell it. So this is WarriorPlus. This is actually a really popular place to buy different PLR on different topics. In some cases, the content here  is actually just bought PLR and just packaged in a  different way to make it unique and resold it to you. Way #10: Facebook Group So here's a Facebook group that I am a part of and if you look here under  units you actually come here. This is PLR content that just  has been taken and repurposed. It's been organized to be helpful and to give value to the audiences here but you can see different things. Like, there's many chat free  training you can buy PLR on that. You can, uh, here's a checklist  on how to set up landing page. You can buy PLR on that. You can obviously make it yourself too. Right? So you can see here, this is another creative way to actually use PLR to build out content on your Facebook page without actually having to create it yourself. Way #11: Infographics Here's an example of what  an infographic looks like. It's just basically a strong  piece of content in a visual way. They're typically long form you'll  see a lot of these on Pinterest. This is information that could  be easily taken from PLR content. In this particular case, I just talked about a particular training and sort of the sections of affiliate marketing and what you're going to learn about, but just think you can actually take that content, make it really visual like this, repurpose this in all the ways we've already previously discussed. You can put it on a blog post. You can send it as an email. You can put it on Pinterest and use it to drive traffic to your website. You can use it as a bonus. You can offer it as an opt-in and you can even create  this information as a video. And don't sweat. There are many easy ways to  create infographics today, so this was actually created  in Microsoft PowerPoint. You could create this in Google Slides or you could use a free program like , Canva and they have some cool templates to make this really easy. You just pop in the information and you turn it around and then you just start sharing it. And that's going to be 11 Creative Ways to Use PLR  for Affiliate Marketing. I hope this video has helped you out. If you're serious about learning how to succeed with affiliate marketing, definitely check out my link below. It's hands down the best free starter training  I've found for you yet. And don't forget to give this video a like, subscribe to my channel, comment below. l Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks for watching!